17 BEST FUNNY JOKES ON FRIENDS Compilation || DIY Friend's moments by 5-Minute FUN

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Here is funny moments compilation for you:
0:01 Joke with powder in the book
0:12 Funny situation with motorbike
0:27 Joke in the queue
0:40 Joke with the thread
1:15 Funny Joke with flying Superman (Superwoman Sue =) )
1:26 Funny friends moment with the ketchup
1:46 Funny friends moment with hidden money
2:04 Joke with the trimmer and hair
2:19 Joke with dogs poo
2:40 Funny moment and Joke with the salt
3:13 Joke with the broken iPhone glass
3:50 Funny Joke with scales
4:11 Joke with the shampoo
4:24 Joke with the sprinkler
4:46 Bloopers
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    Do you like to do funny pranks on your friends?

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