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At first glance, challenges may seem very silly but they also could be very funny and amusing for the participants. Funny challenges could be a great solution to boredom. Challenges will boost your creativity and also could become viral and increase the number of your followers. The most important thing is that challenges shouldn’t be dangerous or painful.
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you apply 100 layers of nail polish? Watch this video and you will learn how a mountain of nail polish looks. One of the most popular challenges is a challenge with lots of layers of t-shirts. Check out this video to find out how many layers you can put on.
Another cool challenge is called what’s in the box challenge. Besides, it’s a cool way to entertain your family and friends. You will need a cardboard box and various items. Place different items inside the box and enjoy the reaction of your friends.
Bottle flip challenge has been incredibly popular later! You need to throw a plastic bottle and it should land upright on its base. The bottle should be filled with water. Try this challenge with your friends!
Moreover, you will find lots of body tricks and facts you haven’t seen before! Only a few people know that for most people it’s impossible to lick there own elbow. Ask your friends to check this theory.
00:09 Cool challenges to try
00:53 What’s in the box challenge
01:44 Bottle flip challenge
02:52 Marshmallow challenge
03:46 Things most people can’t do
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    Daenak nyanyiyane🙄🙄

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    I hate this Chanel

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    Calliah Hackett

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    Kk's WorldПре 13 дана

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    Lindsay SiciliaПре 28 дана

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