Can Marbles Stand On His Hind Legs?

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  • Kayli Stone
    Kayli StoneПре 10 сати

    please get married omg 🥺❤️❤️

  • Claire Pettie
    Claire PettieПре 19 сати

    If you have a small breed like Marbles, when they reach this age they can have some painful arthritis in their shoulders, upper spine, and necks - some of which is the result of having to look up at the world all the time. Marbles might enjoy a doggy shoulder rub before and after training.

  • Maximus Brooks
    Maximus BrooksПре дан

    "I know this was really boring..." I spent this entire video smiling like an idiot lmao

  • Masked Kitty
    Masked KittyПре дан

    Jenna, everybody, hear me out here, *coughs* Marble Monday’s, it’s something i need in this trying time.

  • Megan Hanson
    Megan HansonПре дан

    No mr. Marbles cant but.. you could have the marbles... please .. the marble bathroom stall responded JENNA - WATCH THIS TIK TOK

  • ina min
    ina minПре дан

    Lol, I have a Chihuahua too and I swear she goes off into another dimension with marbles🤣❤️

  • A Single Fan Tear
    A Single Fan TearПре дан

    There is just something about Mr. Marbles that just makes me so damn happy! This is exactly what I need today....just a video I haven't seen starring the best thing on this channel, Marbles!

  • Mariana PTKS
    Mariana PTKSПре 2 дана

    I took a buzzfeed test on what Jenna Marbles dog's I am...turns out I am Marbles. Can't complain

  • Puppy's Gaming Corner
    Puppy's Gaming CornerПре 2 дана

    Marbles' brain has the processing power of a chicken nugget

  • i die
    i dieПре 2 дана

    rip marble, his body is still alive, but his brain is long dead.

  • rilmitlam 23
    rilmitlam 23Пре 2 дана

    I used to have a chihuahua which she made 23 years old but died in 2018

  • Elise Egg
    Elise EggПре 2 дана

    I have 2 dogs (both poodle mutts) penny and scout. Penny can do almost any common trick you can name (Sit, stay, lay down, shake hand, roll over, twirl, and even do a dance), she's very smart, where as Scout can only do the tricks sit, twirl, lay, and she can run through your legs. She will not sit or lay on the hardwood floor, no matter what. Shes not the brightest

  • Rae 1v1
    Rae 1v1Пре 2 дана

    This is how many time marbles jumped in this video | V

  • Adrián Medina
    Adrián MedinaПре 3 дана

    And why does cermet also stick out his tongue like Marbles

  • Adrián Medina
    Adrián MedinaПре 3 дана

    Why do they all bite Julien.

  • Obnoxiously Bright
    Obnoxiously BrightПре 3 дана

    Marble just forgot his own father

  • Your Parents
    Your ParentsПре 3 дана

    Jenna: it takes a certain kinda person to watch this Me: this is my favourite video you’ve ever made

  • mariah martinez
    mariah martinezПре 3 дана

    Someone plz tell me where she got her hoddie🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️

  • Marz Barberio
    Marz BarberioПре 3 дана

    this video makes me so happy i’ve watched it like 7 times. i must be a very special person. jennas patience with him is so wholesome

  • Alana McCallum
    Alana McCallumПре 4 дана

    hehe i have 4 chihuahuas and i dont even think i spelt that right HELP

  • Jeny Pleitez
    Jeny PleitezПре 4 дана

    Marbles is the cutest I love marbles 😘💕

  • inukoinu
    inukoinuПре 4 дана

    “Hi, Temper Tantrum! :D”

  • Cami Alonso
    Cami AlonsoПре 4 дана

    I'm rewatching all the doggos videos to help with my anxiety during this time and honestly it's working 💛

  • Zari G
    Zari GПре 4 дана

    Just got a Drumpf ad on this video-- I don’t believe Jenna would support him but if those ads keep popping up gonna unsubscribe.

  • Naomi Paull
    Naomi PaullПре 5 дана

    Good job 👍

  • Sarah Dove
    Sarah DoveПре 5 дана

    It doesn't matter YES OH SH- how far along in life you are it's never to late just to learn how to stand on your own legs -Jenna Marble 2020

  • Hadrien Santel
    Hadrien SantelПре 5 дана

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="405">6:45</a> marbles: falls jenna: good boy!

  • Anything_ Ann
    Anything_ AnnПре 5 дана

    Hey. You should make a wig out of grass.

  • Hạ
    HạПре 5 дана

    My 13-year-old chihuahua passed away this morning and now I'm watching this to remember the time I taught him how to stand on his hind legs. Thank you so much for your videos, Jenna. They've helped me a lot.

  • Nikki Orrett
    Nikki OrrettПре 5 дана

    “It’s like teaching an 80 year old how to jump rope” -my boyfriend who adores marbles

  • Multichromanic
    MultichromanicПре 5 дана

    More proof that Jenna is the most patient human being on the planet

  • Sara K.
    Sara K.Пре 5 дана

    This is the type of content I subscribed for.

  • Belinda Panton
    Belinda PantonПре 5 дана

    The most cute and stupid animal I've ever seen 😂

  • Sam Jones
    Sam JonesПре 5 дана

    10/10 Marbles, am impressed

  • Unicorn_ forever
    Unicorn_ foreverПре 6 дана

    Like omg i know i'm late but i'm kinda crying because it's sooo cute how you gave marble feedback 🥺🥺😍💕

  • Delightra Cardeanne
    Delightra CardeanneПре 6 дана

    Okay! NEXT! Teach Marble to eat out of a dog bowl 🍲 ❤️ Likes for notice so Jenna makes a video! 💕

  • Kylie Depuccio
    Kylie DepuccioПре 6 дана

    good job cerment

  • Ashiya Prowell
    Ashiya ProwellПре 7 дана

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> “We’ll just make really unpleasant noises so they think something not fun is happening...uuUgAHHH” 😭😭😂😭😭😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😂 the TEARS

  • Cosplay Clown
    Cosplay ClownПре 7 дана

    I keep coming back fo watch this video,

  • Tori
    ToriПре 7 дана

    How the hell does a grave stand

  • Amanda Gonzalez
    Amanda GonzalezПре 8 дана

    im that certain type of person, I own two chihuahuas

  • Brooke Dant
    Brooke DantПре 9 дана

    These types of videos really show off Jenna's psychology degree 😂💕

  • GroovyLuna ‘
    GroovyLuna ‘Пре 10 дана

    When marbles stared at the camera for like two seconds I lost it 💀

  • Gay God
    Gay GodПре 10 дана

    “Woah woah woah guy” had me dying

  • Red Ally
    Red AllyПре 10 дана

    My sister is a marble literally 😑 She hazzes out Doesn’t know where she is Is the smallest when she is actually the oldest Does little athletic activities Forgets what she’s doing Doesn’t know when we’re talking to her It takes her time to process words

  • Bunnii_ Boba
    Bunnii_ BobaПре 10 дана

    Jenna is teaching her dog how to jump. my dog wont get off of me if I go downstairs for a water bottle

  • Popsicle Bear
    Popsicle BearПре 10 дана

    Idea: Marble Mondays

  • Cracky Crackhead
    Cracky CrackheadПре 10 дана

    My dog named perry looks almost exactly like marbles but perry isn’t a Chihuahua he’s a toy fox terrier and it’s really cute to see older dogs jump like my dog at like 15 years old could jump on my mom and dads Queen bed, but soon he stopped doing that around like 17-18 because he was blind and didn’t have teeth and just slept in his bed next to my parents bed, but it was really cool to see him able to jump up on the bed like that, just like I think it’s cool to see marbles just on his hind legs!!

  • Abaigael Noss
    Abaigael NossПре 10 дана

    Rewatching all of my favorite Jenna and Julien videos to help pass the time while self-quarantined. Takes my mind off the situation and helps me relax, if only for a bit. Thank you both so much for being a comfort!

  • nanashi kenki
    nanashi kenkiПре 10 дана

    i wish my dog can do this my dog is 15 shes i big girl but she can't run anymore but to see marble do this is great ^.^

  • Ella Girimonte
    Ella GirimonteПре 10 дана

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="188">3:08</a> bless you

  • lynn m
    lynn mПре 11 дана

    "old dogs cant learn new tricks" MY ASS

  • Doodle Bug
    Doodle BugПре 11 дана

    Why is it that her jacket reminds me of Monokuma!?

  • W H
    W HПре 12 дана

    Marble learns about treats bunny learns how to not get treats

  • katharina schütze
    katharina schützeПре 12 дана

    After two days of voluntary corona quarantine everybody is the type of person to watch this video

  • s_t_e_f_i_k
    s_t_e_f_i_kПре 12 дана

    Nobody can tell me that Marble isn't the most precious thing in the world

  • Jasminanya
    JasminanyaПре 12 дана

    Ok I'm searching the whole web for Jennas Hoodie now, can someone tell me where to get it?

  • Jasminanya
    JasminanyaПре 12 дана

    Julien: 'It's not for you' Peach: 'But why though'

  • Candice
    CandiceПре 12 дана

    Marbles is the original GOOD BOI

  • Cady Rose
    Cady RoseПре 13 дана

    If you are ever gonna do a QnA (which if you already did, sorry, I haven't seen it), then here is a question: why did you name him Marble?

  • R A M E N
    R A M E NПре 13 дана

    Well, yes. Four of them

  • lukas
    lukasПре 13 дана

    im crying marble is so fuckign cute,, litle boy learn the trick he do the jump and the look up.,, the litle hop !! he good boy..

  • Tamara Ellan
    Tamara EllanПре 13 дана

    I own a chihuahua and I have taught him to gist bump, shake, high-five, spin around, go to kennel, and lay down and rollover. And I find these videos so amusing

  • Mi Mi Chan24
    Mi Mi Chan24Пре 13 дана

    Everyone this is how Usain bolt and mopharah train

  • Mi Mi Chan24
    Mi Mi Chan24Пре 13 дана

    when she said Chihuahuas are pretty stupid I agreed completely, my chihuahua doesn't even know how to sit or lay down

  • Sammi Hart
    Sammi HartПре 14 дана

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="561">9:21</a> julian is expecting marbles to fucking ascend lmao

  • Ritika Kumar
    Ritika KumarПре 14 дана

    Marble looks like Hector Salamanca

  • Priceless PearGaming
    Priceless PearGamingПре 15 дана

    Your next video should be teaching Marble how to not be dead

  • neko draws and sings
    neko draws and singsПре 15 дана

    This is how many treats Jenna gave marbles

  • Jack Prince
    Jack PrinceПре 15 дана

    how long until another respect marbles for 15-20min video

  • suzanna Rosanna Danna
    suzanna Rosanna DannaПре 15 дана

    Reminds me of when I try to teach tricks to my blind and deaf dog. Are you sure he's not blind and deaf

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob ThomasПре 16 дана

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:03</a> that truffle shuffle

  • soobinquies wow
    soobinquies wowПре 16 дана

    *_he is a very athletic boy._*

  • pluel
    pluelПре 16 дана

    i used to dislike chihuahuas but then i got two to like me and i felt so special and loved my whole perspective changed

  • Mr. BumbleBee
    Mr. BumbleBeeПре 16 дана

    Good job KERMIT...oop I mean CERMET Great job Marble!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mangle
    MangleПре 17 дана

    Wait Marble barked at the end and he finally processed what Julian said about charisma

  • Codie Sturgeon
    Codie SturgeonПре 17 дана

    How come marbles not being able to actually make eye contact with the treat is the physical embodiment of my social anxiety!

  • Hannah Simpson
    Hannah SimpsonПре 17 дана

    Did Marble get a fresh fade? Because his fur do be bumpin tho

  • Imma Good Boi
    Imma Good BoiПре 18 дана

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="860">14:20</a> Big mood

  • miss boo
    miss booПре 18 дана

    This video was made for me.