Eminem Diss Tracks That DESTROYED Rappers Lives...

Eminem Diss Tracks That DESTROYED Rappers Lives...
Eminem is known for numerous things whether it is his acting, rapping, platinum albums, and MANY MORE but the thing Eminem is truly known for is his legendary disses. Eminem’s whole career revolves around his disses and abilities to pick people apart with his lyrics. Look at 8 Mile where Eminem is the starring role and it’s loosely based around his life. At the end of the film, Eminem completely bodies the diss and leaves the other rapper in awe. See Eminem has done this throughout his whole career with numerous artists from Drake, Lil Pump, 6ix9ine and many more! This is just scratching the surface. Eminem on RSlist has compilations solely dedicated to his disses. So in this video, we break down all of his BEST disses. The ones that completely bodied other artists.
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    Eminem didn't diss MGK for the tweet, it was for MGK sneak dissing him on a song where he was featured by Tech N9NE

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    Morality : Don't be friend with Eminem

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    Imagine countries in the future doing disstracks instead of wars.

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    Imagine countries in the future doing disstracks instead of wars.

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