Hashinshin: Permabanned? | Pulling out THE JAX ft. Tobias Fate

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  • Mahmoud Pordoklanian
    Mahmoud PordoklanianПре месец

    sphere, thank you man.

  • Lucas.
    Lucas.Пре месец

    Tobias is chatting the most shit.

  • Andres Villanueva
    Andres VillanuevaПре месец

    ok,ok,listen tWitCh cHat

  • Kokichi Oma
    Kokichi OmaПре месец

    idk where's my previous comm I exactly left there but... what song starts at 8:23, pls?

  • Andrew Bergamann
    Andrew BergamannПре месец

    6:16: the moment you've been waiting

  • Игорь Болотников
    Игорь БолотниковПре месец

    Соне Семёновне на зилеане - привет!

  • AlphaBagel
    AlphaBagelПре месец


  • 765Craven
    765CravenПре месец

    They need to duo more. They legit have amazing chemistry in that they play well together and their personalities mesh well.

  • FireDSF
    FireDSFПре месец

    This is basically listening to 2 people arguing about anything on a shitty free toxic ass game, nice.

  • MrAchsas
    MrAchsasПре месец

    they need to duo more lol

  • The God Emperor of Mankind
    The God Emperor of MankindПре месец

    >5 bot >I thought we were going to get them pepega

  • Jemi Tondo
    Jemi TondoПре месец

    Ultimate duo

  • Josh Jones
    Josh JonesПре месец

    Akali main here. I love my champion. That is all.

  • EvilMuro
    EvilMuroПре месец

    8:00 min pls any1 tell me track in background!

  • Mom's Ravioli

    Mom's Ravioli

    Пре месец


  • Herud
    HerudПре месец

    Hashinshin is like a boomer in this video i love it

  • Daniel R.
    Daniel R.Пре месец

    Whenever Hash gets on one of those lose/feeding sprees I honestly think duo with Tobias might be the solution

  • Mauie
    MauieПре месец

    Pretty sure hashinshin is just trolling tobito with that acting of being dumb and shit, like tobito: 5 people bot and hashinshin be like "oh I thought we gonna take em" lol.

  • Tarkhmog
    TarkhmogПре месец

    SphereStalker: Clickbaiting ?

  • MattBG67
    MattBG67Пре месец

    Are they best friends now? :D

  • k4x1 rda
    k4x1 rdaПре месец

    imagine outscaling ryze

  • kilvasify
    kilvasifyПре месец

    They're so good together, so in synch , they're both aggressive and don't need to waste precious seconds communicating and deciding the action plan because most of the times they're both already just going for the kill even if it means taking a great risk.

  • Hirohito Cesarz
    Hirohito CesarzПре месец

    Tobias psychological warfare

  • Ivailo Ivanov
    Ivailo IvanovПре месец

    110k subscribers and countin ! 150k soon :)

  • H&SAnimations
    H&SAnimationsПре месец

    seriously the greatest duo since name a couple

  • Danilo Perisic
    Danilo PerisicПре месец

    I thought hashinshin got permabanned :( jebaited

  • Flaye
    FlayeПре месец

    He literally didn’t get banned? Wtf is this clickbait

  • grignung bongo
    grignung bongoПре месец

    Perfect duo of league personalities. I love it!

  • Ni K
    Ni KПре месец

    10:30 lmaooo true

  • Jc Garcia
    Jc GarciaПре месец

    Song name at 7:40 please!!

  • Jace Smith
    Jace SmithПре месец

    Tobias is more dellusional

  • Bryan R.
    Bryan R.Пре месец

    Tobias seems like a douchebag

  • I am not mad
    I am not madПре месец

    ik u r not hashinshin but pls more vids with tobias fate XD best duo (no homo)

  • 2A42
    2A42Пре месец

    Hashinshin is the Asmongold of lol.

  • Ishy OQGX
    Ishy OQGXПре месец

    The Dynamic Duo returns, this is my favourite anime

  • Idontknow
    IdontknowПре месец

    No link for the tobi? Rude

  • Scamaz
    ScamazПре месец

    When i saw G U N C H I N S H I N i have never laughed to hard in my life.

  • John Kisaragi
    John KisaragiПре месец

    More Tobias and Hash please! Best duo I've seen.

  • sohaybsful
    sohaybsfulПре месец

    Plz let Tobias's editor do these videos plz!

  • Just Call Me Foxy
    Just Call Me FoxyПре месец

    "SURPRISE! I'M BACK!" - Jax

  • Eduardo Zhang
    Eduardo ZhangПре месец

    This duo has to be the freshest thing in a hot while

  • Nadasospechoso. exe
    Nadasospechoso. exeПре месец

    I really wonder if they enjoy talking or they just put up with each other bullshit for the show

  • Craigo
    CraigoПре месец


  • Lazy Lee
    Lazy LeeПре месец

    This duo is my religion

  • 96nairrA
    96nairrAПре месец

    "just push wave against ryze"

  • Kokichi Oma
    Kokichi OmaПре месец

    8:23-9:04 song?

  • Soukenn
    SoukennПре месец

    I haven't seen anything better than this duo on the internet.

  • Kartago
    KartagoПре месец

    Normal Duo's: Okay dont make it obvious that Im in the brush play passive. Tobias to Hash: Bait him. Spam mastery emote.

  • JaycoTV
    JaycoTVПре месец

    Hi there. I don't know if you know this but the sub link you have in your description to Hash is wrong. The link you have only lets you tier 1 sub. You should use this link because it gives all 3 tiers and a prime sub tier and shows all the emotes. Here is the link to the one you should use. www.twitch.tv/subs/hashinshin

  • SphereStalker


    Пре месец


  • Bughans
    BughansПре месец

    dear god the thing with the akalimains subreddit is so true 300 upvotes for a guy saying "wow akali doesnt deserve this" and if you try to argue you just get downvote nuked

  • McFap
    McFapПре месец

    You should guys 1v1

  • icedem0n326
    icedem0n326Пре месец

    Seeing these two play makes me want to go back to league

  • Renektonisbae
    RenektonisbaeПре месец

    It's like bestfriends of 20 years yelling at each other again and again and refusing to give any ground.

  • Deej
    DeejПре месец

    hashinshin vods unironically have more tobito content than his actual channel

  • PWesky
    PWeskyПре месец

    For real, I like the mutual respect hashinshin and tobias have for each other and how they also argue with each other. Tobias understands that hash is a mechanically good player and Hashinshin does trust Tobias enough as a teammate with his macro and some of his genuinely good suggestions to duo with him.

  • ReivasMC
    ReivasMCПре месец

    dude Tobias is such an obnoxious ass hole that has no idea of how this game works lmao such an idiot with no game awareness "just farm safely vs ryze" lmfaaaaao

  • Jarowit Petryk
    Jarowit PetrykПре месец

    clickbait, somebody trolled him that he was banned and the title says that he was banned

  • Jarowit Petryk

    Jarowit Petryk

    Пре месец


  • SphereStalker


    Пре месец

    thats why its a "?" lol

  • Y34h_To4st
    Y34h_To4stПре месец

    I need that GunChinShin emote

  • Ricardo Arreaza
    Ricardo ArreazaПре месец

    Enable G U N C H I N S H I N

  • BIack0ut23
    BIack0ut23Пре месец

    Günther Netzer und Delling

  • burnin a4
    burnin a4Пре месец

    Hashinshin is so damn dumb dude how tf is he dia for real