I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months


I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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    haha grape

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    *I y e l d*

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    Im a master at eating I challenge anyone who wants to challenge me 😮🍕🍟🍔🍗 👆this is the closest thing to an eating emoji

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    Boi you incredibly handsome No homo

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    What would you do for 1million dollar Probably suck di Woah there keep it pg

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    DarkDude Plays

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    "The Camera Pans Down Onto My Face With A Single Tear On My Eye Saying I Want Chocolate Milk" :3

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    For some reason when I watched this the first time there was no sound. I think im going crazy. The whole time i thought it was a joke.

  • Socialyawkwardperson


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    I have Celiac disease- didn’t find out until a couple years ago- appreciate kfc and McDonald’s gluten free food tastes like ass

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  • Drink Me

    Drink Me

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    This happened to me like every time I opened my jaw too much it made a gross crunching popping sound wen I closed it but my parents are broke as hell rn so I don’t get to have the surgery till later but after watching this video I’m happy I don’t get my face cut open and my jaw fucked around with and have no solid shits for a while and no talking (I talk allot lol)

  • George Jr Amanoni

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  • George Jr Amanoni

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    Is it me or did you see butt

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    How. Did. You. Yawn... I need answers

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    3:57 did the doctor actually do that.

  • Aninna Espinosa

    Aninna Espinosa

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    aw poor baby.. well it is worth it ur a good animator i LOVE U djxkkandkakcmwkddnv n jxndjxksjx 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞keep it up ur amazing dont let anyone get u down... and the coins butt😂😂😂😂

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    You are hilarious you just got a sub

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    2:50-2:58 😂

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    Ok. This is terrible. I was scrolling through Google trying to come up with ideas to draw a nice picture of mah boi, Adam. However, I came across a ship art of James X Adam... *I wonder if they know about the ship :0*

  • Bughead And Varchie

    Bughead And Varchie

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    Don’t worry I liked the smash button😭

  • Storm 101 f123

    Storm 101 f123

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    He not yhe only one my jaw such but i have to live with bec my family cant afford surgery

  • Nolan Hymas

    Nolan Hymas

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    Like the video if when you watched this all of a sudden you got hungry, I liked it

  • Maia Cromer

    Maia Cromer

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    XD " Don't forget to like that smash button"

  • Maeuny


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    I liked that part where Adam was wrestling demonitization 😂🤣😂🤣

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    Jesus Christ lol

  • Kapono Senshi

    Kapono Senshi

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    Adam: Not smile in any pics for most of my life. *Spits as in Whatever* Audience: Aww! Adam: No, NO!!!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

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    Keanu Reeves

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    1:25 I’m dead XD 😂🤪

  • Cate Lyn

    Cate Lyn

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    One time I had the choice to either have my jaw broken and then wired shut or just have some teeth removed (this was to make my teeth not weird? I had braces). I obviously went with the second one but my mom wouldn't shut up saying I should've done the wire-shut route like some crazy hellion.

  • Zavian Lucero

    Zavian Lucero

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    Was your brother is the older or the younger brother

  • Friendly alien Boi

    Friendly alien Boi

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    Put them together and bippety boppety OH GOD I YIELD I YEILD

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    Rebecca your friend she actually had this problem on take a phone fan. Saint that watches RSlist and everyday I'm not a phone I'm a fan I'm sorry my God OMG Oh my God. Ivan the put the record at oh my God stop step step step step okay Adam just listen I'm sorry I'll stop talking and shut up right now bye

  • Niko Śrut

    Niko Śrut

    Пре 8 сати

    6:02 why you heat that soup, this soup is awsome.

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    This dude is the best thing since food

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    Why did I laugh at this so bad?

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    This guy some extreme bdsm

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    Omg he's fucking hot🔥🔥🔥😍

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    Im new here to your channel

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    I’m getting surgery for my back (I was born whith my back bone was Crooked) in the fall

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    Hope it goes well!

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    Adam:"What will you do for 1 million dolars." Adam2: Hmmmmmmm...Probebly Suck a di...

  • Uncaring Entertainment

    Uncaring Entertainment

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    When I was 12 I had something called a Mara (basically headgear that's inside the mouth) I was unable to eat solid food for 2 weeks, but for the next 2 years I was unable to eat any of my favorite things (Steaks, Mike and Ikes, Rock candy).

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    Probably suck di

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    4:01 butt lolz

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    no swearing plz

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    butz lol

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    hah if you pause at around 4:00 there is a secret :P

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    I luve soup bcs im turkish

  • Single pringle Sarrah

    Single pringle Sarrah

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    Dog 1: FOOD Dog 2: NO MINE Both dogs: *Starts killing each other*

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    I'm getting mine done in a month 🤦😅

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    Boonkgang whole lotta gang shit