I Really Wanted Glasses And Now I Regret It

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  • Bugsy Oconnell

    Bugsy Oconnell

    Пре сат

    Lord their bank Acounttttttttt

  • Hayden Spencer

    Hayden Spencer

    Пре 2 сата

    This is not true maybe the ending was real but the start was not because I live with my eyes my gate inch away from my screen and I still have better eyesight than my sister and my sister eats very healthy things that will help her Eyes but I don’t

  • fake happy

    fake happy

    Пре 2 сата

    Just watching this made my vision blurry and my eyes dry.. What the fuck

  • Shadowmaker The Dragon

    Shadowmaker The Dragon

    Пре 3 сата

    0:53 why? And glasses aren't as bad as she describes it

  • Bree Biscuit

    Bree Biscuit

    Пре 3 сата

    Me: mom my tv broke *its bc of that darn phone* WHAT

  • Emma Zieres

    Emma Zieres

    Пре 3 сата

    Just wear contacts.. THIS BITCH aggravates me

  • Adam Aldridge

    Adam Aldridge

    Пре 4 сата

    I have glasses

  • ttycoon equine

    ttycoon equine

    Пре 4 сата

    Who else felt their stomachs go all weird when she was explaining everything during her surgery

  • AJDJ Wins

    AJDJ Wins

    Пре 4 сата

    HEY atleast you barely looked like frisk for the time being😅

  • Kirby gamer Supreme

    Kirby gamer Supreme

    Пре 6 сати

    Couldn’t you just put fake glasses on so it won’t change your vision

  • Scotchh IDMG

    Scotchh IDMG

    Пре 6 сати

    1:09 - 1:11 s He said she was blind as a bat, bats have perfect vision, it's true. Look it up

  • lane guy

    lane guy

    Пре 6 сати

    you know they make fake frames

  • Zeenick Biscette

    Zeenick Biscette

    Пре 6 сати


  • Lauren's Productions

    Lauren's Productions

    Пре 7 сати

    That thumbnail gives me week knees

  • Izzy Munoz

    Izzy Munoz

    Пре 8 сати

    girl, if you really wanted glasses, get fake glasses or some with no lenses

  • Nøa Wyld

    Nøa Wyld

    Пре 8 сати

    Some of the drawings really went 🦒

  • Oscar Carvajal

    Oscar Carvajal

    Пре 9 сати

    Buy fake glasses

  • Amy Zambrano

    Amy Zambrano

    Пре 10 сати

    i need to stop reading in lowlight

  • Satisfied


    Пре 10 сати

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  • melissah hoven

    melissah hoven

    Пре 10 сати

    your thai??

  • Luis Ry

    Luis Ry

    Пре 11 сати

    I was watching this and then my eyes started hurting

  • LHML 123

    LHML 123

    Пре 11 сати

    Read this after watching the whole video "Well done you have mastered the whole process of Lasik Eye Surgery and you can perform the surgery anytime."

  • Jill_chels


    Пре 11 сати

    Me: Mom I think I need glasses Mom: It’s because of that phone Me: This is the one time your right

  • luna lovegood

    luna lovegood

    Пре 11 сати

    I had laser surgery for my eyes when I was 8 and I was in the hospital all day because my eyes felt so heavy and I felt so sick. Other surgeries for my eyes I was only there a couple hours though...well half a day but yeah...

  • FAkE_Modz494 FAkE_Modz494

    FAkE_Modz494 FAkE_Modz494

    Пре 13 сати

    lol thats your fault

  • Alyinu2ndChannel


    Пре 13 сати

    If u wanted glasses you can buy glasses without any strength! Fake glasses! duh

  • Spidey Kid

    Spidey Kid

    Пре 13 сати

    Netflix gang where u at

  • Adam Hennessy

    Adam Hennessy

    Пре 14 сати

    Why didnt she buy reading glasses they dont affect your vision too much

  • Pancakes


    Пре 14 сати

    JSYK bats aren't blind

  • Silver playz yt

    Silver playz yt

    Пре 14 сати

    Her:she’s thai Me:I’m thai too.

  • Gacha_Kitty


    Пре 14 сати

    Me:mom my eyes hurt Mom:THEN GET OFF THAT DAMN PHONE OF YOURS It always happens to me🤣😁😂😄

  • na0m1


    Пре 14 сати

    i have glasses (not wanted might I add) and my eyes are quite bad and they are a pain.in.the.ass so I don't reccomend trying to make your eyes bad

  • Joyce Longakit

    Joyce Longakit

    Пре 15 сати

    I have a glasses but im only a kid and im gonna get and go to a surgery

  • Coral Reef

    Coral Reef

    Пре 16 сати

    I’m never getting lasik I’m too scared I’m just going to wear contacts

  • alynicky :D

    alynicky :D

    Пре 16 сати

    Never thought about fake glasses?

  • Marya Helmi

    Marya Helmi

    Пре 17 сати

    If I was in her place I would cry 😭 So bad

  • toffi_ e

    toffi_ e

    Пре 17 сати

    What does it feel to not blink?

  • XxFrostyGacha xX

    XxFrostyGacha xX

    Пре 18 сати

    This happened to me before

  • Sakura Chãn

    Sakura Chãn

    Пре 18 сати

    you don't want glasses..I get bullied everyday for having them..I get called nerd and ugly and more..I started cutting myself..it's horrible

  • Lazy Doffy

    Lazy Doffy

    Пре 19 сати

    I i have glasses and i dont want to wear them but then i cant see i hate glasses :c

  • cookie monster _playz

    cookie monster _playz

    Пре 21 сат

    I wanted a glasses too and braces but mom said no no no every time

  • _ wild09lavagirl _

    _ wild09lavagirl _

    Пре 21 сат

    I hate wearing my glasses 🤓😡

  • Banana Gamer

    Banana Gamer

    Пре 22 сата

    wait is this thai?

  • Ken Cortes

    Ken Cortes

    Пре 22 сата

    This girl is a freaking doctor for people that has bad eyesight

  • Hamdosh Hussain khan

    Hamdosh Hussain khan

    Пре 23 сата

    Eyes:**see clearly** Girl:I WaNt GlAsSeS Eyes: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU?*

  • Dwagon


    Пре 23 сата

    lol i want my glasses to go to hell and let my eyes be able to see

  • Alivarya R a d

    Alivarya R a d

    Пре 23 сата

    Her: No water touching the eyes at all. _What if u cry?_

  • Nailah Trujillo

    Nailah Trujillo

    Пре 23 сата

    Is this a true story???

  • Spectical Z3

    Spectical Z3

    Пре 23 сата

    i need glasses to see and didnt do it on purpose who the hell would damage their eyes anyway

  • Galactic_ Ink

    Galactic_ Ink

    Пре 23 сата

    When she says cornea im thinking of corn on the cob