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  • stefanos 21
    stefanos 21Пре 22 дана

    7:49 how this q didnt hit ??

  • PrincePurp
    PrincePurpПре 24 дана

    @9:59 did Nintendo sue for that laugh?

  • NemhoS
    NemhoSПре месец

    5:52 thats a beautiful dodge of the ezreal's r

  • Arcian Zach Sarangilo
    Arcian Zach SarangiloПре месец

    8:02 that's funny tho

  • oof oofson
    oof oofsonПре месец

    So let me get this straight: rererererer is for ekko and prrrrrr is for zed? right?

  • Omars Hyper
    Omars HyperПре месец

    Missing Q even playing ekko

  • Swift Swift
    Swift SwiftПре месец

    thsi app is not working and idk how to run it...if someone knows how to start it just let me know at swiftcar121@gmail.com thanks

  • kabamaru igano
    kabamaru iganoПре месец

    no one:i will main ww llstylish:rararararrr

  • ツDabudaa
    ツDabudaaПре месец

    Missing q's on every champ lmao Keep on playing Big Rock u wont miss

  • Luke bacalla
    Luke bacallaПре месец

    When they are in dragon

  • Luke bacalla
    Luke bacallaПре месец

    Can u guys look at the map??

  • Mathew Dane
    Mathew DaneПре месец

    No one not a single soul Yanni: IM FLONKING

  • Mr. Dice
    Mr. DiceПре месец

    1:36 wait that sounds familiar ? ITS DANTDM'S opening wo

  • Rosswell Tubungbanua
    Rosswell TubungbanuaПре месец

    No one: Stylish: rawr rawr rawr. Total mad dog.

  • Taha Merhi
    Taha MerhiПре месец

    Can youtube have more adds than just chromebook add, its so annoying to hear it 20 times per day

  • Vincent Silan
    Vincent SilanПре месец

    Yanni: Practicing every assassin Assassins: Ahhhh sh*t my Qs am I a joke to you?

  • NOX Harumi
    NOX HarumiПре месец

    "how you miss that? " said by the miss q's god ever haha

  • Reece Francis
    Reece FrancisПре месец

    * Stylish ints* Also Stylish: It's okay, if they are not gonna FF you gotta make it more interesting, you feel?

  • Reece Francis
    Reece FrancisПре месец

    That Draven E at 0:52 tho...nice play to secure the kill on enemy ADC.

  • Eisley
    EisleyПре месец

    Uses ekko still miss his q's

  • Jonas Fernandez
    Jonas FernandezПре месец

    9:02 ONE MOHK TIME!

  • Qeotion
    QeotionПре месец

    now I also see ekko Q's in the skies

  • jonathan honor
    jonathan honorПре месец


    TH3 ZEDGODПре месец

    young ekko playa

  • Mrhome
    MrhomeПре месец

    Yanni : *Miss Q* Also Yanni : AHAA

  • MBC3_Cafo
    MBC3_CafoПре месец

    all//3:00 Lucian: Nice Qs

  • bimbim bim
    bimbim bimПре месец

    Hay yani , you should try ekko with gunblade ..

  • herpos derpos
    herpos derposПре месец

    "Welcome to the HUH"

  • Peixin Yang
    Peixin YangПре месец

    9:14 wrong death voice

  • fabian 1308
    fabian 1308Пре месец

    Inside the mind of llstylish: its the time to play more assasins Later he begin the video playing zed again

  • Send Memes
    Send MemesПре месец

    why is ekko sounded like zed when he dies like Yanni sounded like gay when he screams?

  • Ravn Gd
    Ravn GdПре месец

    I didnt get the comment winner

  • Aziz Saìdi
    Aziz SaìdiПре месец

    STYLISH ZED: I miss my Qs STYLISH EKKO: I miss my Qs too

  • Zorbey Özsoylu
    Zorbey ÖzsoyluПре месец

    (One Q hits) STYLISH: I'm beginning to feel like a Zed God Zed God

  • Daniel Semaan
    Daniel SemaanПре месец

    Is the dog noise the new prrrrr ?

  • Kevin Barrera
    Kevin BarreraПре месец

    LL Stylish on Saturday: *Insert Warwick Snarls* Rawrawrawrawr

  • Florin Beldica
    Florin BeldicaПре месец


  • Jafeth Montero
    Jafeth MonteroПре месец

    Stylish: plays Ekko The Rock: I thought I was special

  • mFlicker
    mFlickerПре месец

    Shave your beard please.

  • Trindade Cast
    Trindade CastПре месец

    The SFV music POGGERS

  • Beta Ruler
    Beta RulerПре месец

    definitely a fan of the stylish on different champions!

  • pulldeth
    pulldethПре месец

    1:49 music ?

  • uri ham
    uri hamПре месец

    My dog when he is hungry and wants to go for a walk after 8:20

  • Rebell
    RebellПре месец

    2:05 song?

  • KaiNaruKami
    KaiNaruKamiПре месец

    stylish: Mastering every Assassin Neeko, Diana: am I a joke to you?

  • Daiman


    Пре месец

    Neeko is not an assassin wtf

  • Rameldria
    RameldriaПре месец

    6:25 Some DMC 1 soundtrack That's great, reminds me a lot of stuff about this game

  • Renan Oliveira de Deus
    Renan Oliveira de DeusПре месец

    4:36 Is that really Yanni asking how does someone misses his pointblank Q?

  • Danger
    DangerПре месец

    I like the way editor puts a Zed’s dying sound even at Ekko haha

  • mustafa demir
    mustafa demirПре месец

    Omg ekko vid yikes

  • Marios Panayiotou
    Marios PanayiotouПре месец

    When full AP rock mid is better than full Ad the ultimate master of the shadows assassin. Rito pls.

  • Caner Waffen
    Caner WaffenПре месец

    LL Stylish: im oom(pronuncation "um") cuz of double o rule. Also LL's brain : My english better then my q's :'(

  • Phoenix's Pain
    Phoenix's PainПре месец

    No one: My dog at 3 AM:

  • Dustin Witkowski
    Dustin WitkowskiПре месец

    Stylish's son: Dad the car will break down LL Stylish enters the car LL Stylish: * rrararrararra * What you mean? It works

  • Atrocity Gaming
    Atrocity GamingПре месец

    When you dont play League but youre a fan of watching Stylish miss Q’s 🤣🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Lasha Dularidze
    Lasha DularidzeПре месец

    LL Stylish: I literally 1v9 Also LL Stylish: What is my team doing?

  • Laçez
    LaçezПре месец

    LL stylish logic: Zed: Weak af Ekko: Overpowered

  • Mat Chow
    Mat ChowПре месец

    No one: LL Stylish: AHEKKK

  • samuel castillo gonzalez
    samuel castillo gonzalezПре месец

    Stylish play zed: i Miss my Q! Stylish play ekko: WTF?! I Miss my zonyas?! This ja bullshit

  • Stiro Gaming
    Stiro GamingПре месец

    Hey waddup Stylish I am also a young Zed player trying to get 100k . Could you maybe or anyone else tell me how I can counter Diana or is it just not possible. Would be nice if I could get some help. Ty

  • Amen Soul
    Amen SoulПре месец

    7:40 best laught moment ever almost