Slot Car Drives Cat Silly || ViralHog

Кућни љубимци и животиње

Occurred on January 9, 2020 / Lavras, Brazil
"Athena was very excited when she saw the Autorama and started jumping endlessly behind the race car."
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  • hackerman
    hackermanПре месец

    Wspaniałe jak się cieszy

  • skywalker anakin
    skywalker anakinПре месец

    what a gentle master. (s)he doesn't crash to cat.

    UZIBOYПре месец

    Cats are so entertaining

  • President T Nediserp
    President T NediserpПре месец

    Definitely not click bait.

  • Emiliano Delgadillo
    Emiliano DelgadilloПре месец

    Anyone else here because of Google now's feed?

  • rucksacks
    rucksacksПре месец

    Someone needs to put music to this...

  • Cats Of San Bernardino
    Cats Of San BernardinoПре месец

    Cats rule!!

  • Janet Fannin
    Janet FanninПре месец

    A cat chasing cars instead of a dog! 😄 this kitten is so cute!!!😊❤

  • Amanda Schaefer
    Amanda SchaeferПре месец

    So cute!

  • Space XXC
    Space XXCПре месец

    *Lol that moment when the car drove through the cat's legs 💖💖💖*

  • garhent
    garhentПре месец

    Kitten going to kitten.


    Mignon tout plein

  • Lena Ayres
    Lena AyresПре месец

    😀😀😀😍soooo adorable!

  • DidYouReadEULA
    DidYouReadEULAПре месец

    What a beautiful, happy baby!!

  • Dee D
    Dee DПре месец

    Best cat toy ever! 😂

    LAREXJRПре месец

    I haven't played with an electric race track since the 80s...yet it's 2020 and a kitty plays with one

  • LC Laney
    LC LaneyПре месец

    So cute. 😀😂💖

  • Synoptic 12
    Synoptic 12Пре месец

    What would happen if the car was disguised as a mouse?

  • Samira Marinette MLB Oficial
    Samira Marinette MLB OficialПре месец

    Muchas visitas pero pocos 👍🏻

  • rocavalla1
    rocavalla1Пре месец

    Cuanta belleza y cuanta inocencia por dios

  • Taquito-Blade
    Taquito-BladeПре месец

    It really sucks that I can only like this video once

  • April Joy Cinco
    April Joy CincoПре месец

    I remembered my cat Jolly when he was still young. So jolly and full of energy.

  • Rolf Dew
    Rolf DewПре месец

    Awwww this is so cute!

  • Ken H
    Ken HПре месец

    A dog like reaction

  • Patricia Llamas
    Patricia LlamasПре месец

    She's adorable, and I love her name! 'Αθήνα' 😻❤️❤️❤️

  • Spencer J Elliott
    Spencer J ElliottПре месец

    Then he chewed all the cords, now nobody can play.

  • MintArcade
    MintArcadeПре месец

    Mashable sent me here, not impressed 🤦

  • A Robinson

    A Robinson

    Пре месец

    They're desperate for traffic and they know cat videos get clicks.

  • Rory Miles
    Rory MilesПре месец

    This is so cute

  • Michalla Hayes
    Michalla HayesПре месец

    His tail looks like it was dipped in paint 😻

  • Atheria PsychicGal
    Atheria PsychicGalПре месец

    I need to get one of these to taunt my 2 cats!

  • Pym Cat
    Pym CatПре месец

    She is really beautiful and so joyful. I want her

  • Jessie Jara
    Jessie JaraПре месец

    Now thats a moment right there.

  • edwin
    edwinПре месец

    Model and make of slot car toy?

  • Collin Wengelaar
    Collin WengelaarПре месец

    He groovin

  • Hoodoo Dino
    Hoodoo DinoПре месец

    Oh that was awesome... And this cat is gonna sleep real well tonight. The model on the track is a Cougar right ?

  • Erik Cuevas
    Erik CuevasПре месец

    With all the things we need to do today here we are lol

  • Space XXC

    Space XXC

    Пре месец

    what things... this is the way..

  • immjh73
    immjh73Пре месец

    What a cute little goofball.