Tennis Hard Court Drama 2020 | Part 02 | I'm Done, I'm Done, I'm Not Playing Anymore

A compilation of drama and ‘fights’ that occurred during the early 2020 hardcourt swing. Featuring Nick Kyrgios, Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev, Diego Schwartzman, Benoit Paire, Denis Shapovalov, Pablo Cuevas, Karen Khachanov and more. Enjoy 🎾
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  • Andrius Jurkūnas
    Andrius JurkūnasПре 3 дана

    Medvedev is a s*** and despite he have some fans back in that US OPEN speech, but normaly his nature attitude like a bitch

  • Kajetan Naworol
    Kajetan NaworolПре 4 дана

    That’s kinda what you get when you turn tennis into something like the World Cup. Tensions increase exponentially because of national pride

  • Josh Miele
    Josh MieleПре 5 дана

    Temper tantrums by grown men. 2020

  • Zombie slayer 96
    Zombie slayer 96Пре 6 дана

    The slice medvedv hit was like in the laver cup when jack sock hit the slice against Nadal

  • Virginia Fry
    Virginia FryПре 10 дана

    Does playing in Australia bring out the bad side of players!?!? Must be the weather!

  • herpos derpos
    herpos derposПре 11 дана

    What is it about these team games that makes players more likely to act bad?

  • Sean Lee
    Sean LeeПре 13 дана

    I'm definitely a bigger fan of Schwartzmann after that quote!

  • umed saaed
    umed saaedПре 13 дана


  • Hayden Barrett
    Hayden BarrettПре 13 дана

    Schwartzman sounds like short man slowlh

  • luis_ Tenis
    luis_ TenisПре 16 дана

    so hard for me to BUY 1 racket, they could give a heavy penalty for breacking the racket.

  • Milan Duchevski
    Milan DuchevskiПре 16 дана

    I wish schwartzman won that match

  • Bee J
    Bee JПре 20 дана

    Schwartzmann: You need to change Medvedev: whatever Jim Courier: That was a nice little exchange from the players, trying to get to a better understanding lol

  • ivan tan
    ivan tanПре 22 дана

    Still waiting for the day when a player abuses his racquet, it bounces of the ground and smack him/her in the face. Only then he/she will learn.

  • Suhas Prabhu

    Suhas Prabhu

    Пре 20 дана

    I remember this has happened twice in the early 2000s in the same tournament, don't remember which players though, it was very funny :)

  • Patrick Carson
    Patrick CarsonПре 23 дана

    I just wanna say Medvedev has NO common sense whatsoever

  • Brice Engle
    Brice EngleПре 23 дана

    Yoda at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="233">3:53</a>

  • Travis Hammons
    Travis HammonsПре 24 дана

    They are all like small children with slight learning disabilities... it’s unacceptable their behaviour but also (hard to do) difficult not to laugh at their childish behaviour

  • biff tannen
    biff tannenПре 24 дана

    Is this all the same tournament? Haha wtf, why people so angry here

  • Matías Fagián
    Matías FagiánПре 24 дана

    5'6 Schwartzmann would destroy Medvedev in a fight (despite the latter being a foot taller).

  • Matouš Myslivec
    Matouš MyslivecПре 26 дана

    Paire is such a disgrace to our sport

  • Mariana Costa
    Mariana CostaПре 26 дана

    I'm speechless about Schartzman's reaction. WHAT A MAN!!!

  • Moien78
    Moien78Пре 27 дана

    Kyrgios, you godamn pussy. I like to see you crying and quitting Like a coward.

  • RI7 BH
    RI7 BHПре 27 дана

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> police horn

  • One Crazy Gamer
    One Crazy GamerПре 27 дана

    man, m. lahyani is such a great umpire imo, i think he is just really likable, and he makes the right decisions 99% of the time, and isn't as pigheaded as other umpires.

  • Jade Moreno
    Jade MorenoПре 27 дана

    So that's why we need to bring 2 or more rackets to matches; because we need a backup when we rage and break one

  • D Nguyen
    D NguyenПре 27 дана

    Nice to see the juice within the lines of the court. Love the drama

  • Leonard Allen
    Leonard AllenПре 28 дана

    Why aren't player fines more common in tennis, as they are in other sports. One point penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct seems too light, unless it's match point. I'd suggest hefty fines, use the proceeds for charitable causes, clean the sport up a bit and get these man children to start behaving as if it were actually a gentleman's sport, which it's purported to be. Serena/Osaka match, Serena was right, there is a double standard between men's and women's violations called for the same reaction in the heat of the moment. Play the game, collect your over exaggerated purse and shut your collective pie holes. And stop smashing rackets. There's an underprviledged kid out there with passion for the sport and a much better temperament who could benefit from a freebie, and could carry the sport into the future much better than these next gen babies are failing to try to do. Shape up, you spoiled little brats!

  • Hadas Ben Shalom
    Hadas Ben ShalomПре 28 дана

    It's better break a racquet than someone face.. #funnyguys

  • Shahrul Shafiq
    Shahrul ShafiqПре 28 дана

    No wonder Taylor Swift wrote The Man. Look at all these guys, one of them even harass the judge by hitting their seat. Only get a warning? Serena Williams only talk by her mouth, she get fined. The treatment is different.

  • Mikey
    MikeyПре 29 дана

    Spoiled children playing a spoiled game.

  • Jonas pearce
    Jonas pearceПре 29 дана

    I hate medvedev

  • Abhi Pokhrel
    Abhi PokhrelПре 29 дана

    its hard to dislike schwatzmann

  • DD
    DDПре месец

    Medvedev is such a dipshit

  • Shelley Mourer
    Shelley MourerПре месец

    If I was the coach/players, I would walk after Paire behavior

  • Tarzan jodeajane
    Tarzan jodeajaneПре месец

    Russian manners disaster can`t show any class, this wont be the last time he shows his level.

  • Giuseppe Migliaccio
    Giuseppe MigliaccioПре месец

    Schwartzman is a very gentleman

  • Rodi Devolder
    Rodi DevolderПре месец

    how many times paire smash hes raquet?

  • adamisaseahorse
    adamisaseahorseПре месец

    Paire is so childlike and his meltdowns are completely unwarranted and inappropriate. I actually believe that all players tantrums are inappropriate, whether they be men or women.

  • Anders Viborg
    Anders ViborgПре месец

    Medvedev is a racist, mentally dangerous and shouldn't be allowed walking free

  • Cherish Carvalho
    Cherish CarvalhoПре месец

    Djokovic's attitude really shocked me

  • Case K
    Case KПре месец

    I think I'm in love with the Diego guy. He is the real winner.

  • red flag
    red flagПре месец

    ATP Cup doesn't look like a good idea with all this shit going on !

  • haz haz
    haz hazПре месец

    This gives a bad look to tennis, Unbelievable smh

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned CitizenПре месец

    Tennis produces or attracts players with the worst tempers and extremely poor sportsmanship!! They should be embarrassed!

  • Hannahxxxbeauty xoxo
    Hannahxxxbeauty xoxoПре месец

    Tennis crowds are annoying as hell omg

  • Re Creation
    Re CreationПре месец

    Tennis Fans are just so corny these days. Tennis players aren’t even allowed to express their emotions... I’m not saying smashing 3 racquets and one chair, but occasionally one racquet...

  • Bhavik630
    Bhavik630Пре месец

    It will be fun to see them go at each other though..

  • Don X
    Don XПре месец

    kYRGIOS played himself out till at least the French Open. Big Pussy.

  • Cheechy Chongs
    Cheechy ChongsПре месец

    That guy ate half a banana in one bite....

  • Antoine Gonnet
    Antoine GonnetПре месец

    I just want to say that in all of thes kind of dramas video i have never seen once Thiem. That's prooving how respectfull and kind this guy his...

  • Michele Bolzonello

    Michele Bolzonello

    Пре 29 дана

    Federer neither

  • Sava Valentin
    Sava ValentinПре месец

    Shapovalov likes Rafa but is nothing like him mentally

  • fami lia
    fami liaПре месец


  • Toney Hebert
    Toney HebertПре месец

    I can't believe how mad tennis players get. Maybe cause I don't play I just don't understand lol

  • Vicho Banz
    Vicho BanzПре месец

    OMFG, i laughed hard, this is way better than see memes

  • Laurenzo761
    Laurenzo761Пре месец

    What did Djokovic swear?

  • Alex Sottil
    Alex SottilПре месец

    Great stuff! You should do a yearly Raquet Smash compilation! :)

  • Pablo Corte
    Pablo CorteПре месец

    Bunch of snowflakes

  • thanh can Phan
    thanh can PhanПре месец

    so many action drop racket

  • aagold76
    aagold76Пре месец

    the ATP Cup should be discontinued- it was nothing but an excuse to smash rackets and act like jerks.

  • aagold76
    aagold76Пре месец

    well- team Russia was led by anti gay Putin puppet Safin- so it's no surprise the entire team is full of douchebags! Medvedev is the biggest jack ass playing today!

  • Chi Nguyen
    Chi NguyenПре месец

    I feel like Daniil is two different people on and off court. On court he is maybe immature but off court everyone speaks highly of him. I guess that's just the immature of youth🤷‍♀️

  • gmansp77
    gmansp77Пре месец

    Serena literally had a good point. I cannot believe Medvedev wasn't coded a game for his behavior. Hitting his racket twice on the umpire chair? Constantly arguing after the fact? The media would've had a field day if Serena did this.

  • gmansp77
    gmansp77Пре месец

    Paire: breaks two rackets, spits, throws two bottled drinks on the court- one code violation.

  • Amanda Mammana
    Amanda MammanaПре месец

    Tennis players are brats

  • Yoana Petrova
    Yoana PetrovaПре месец

    What do they feed them in Russia?

  • Marinegirl Powers
    Marinegirl PowersПре месец

    Omg he is always a baby with the temper tantrums.

  • Jw 1357
    Jw 1357Пре месец

    Never seen Djokovic get pissed like that

  • Lafferty


    Пре месец

    You can't have seen much of him then.

  • Jesús Huerta
    Jesús HuertaПре месец

    Bullsh*t russian

  • Terez Csorgo
    Terez CsorgoПре месец

    Medvegyev idiot!

  • klatschmohn klatschi
    klatschmohn klatschiПре месец

    Benoit Paire xD what an angry kiddo!

  • C E
    C EПре месец

    I really like Paire. His backhand is top 3 on tour in my opinion. I think it's ok to get warnings and stuff; I love it when i'm in the stadium, plus he is a charasmatic dude. The real issue for Paire is his forehand... how come no one can fix it? It takes so long to swing for nothing... it cripples him in his return games. His serve has become absolutely huge in the last 18 months, if he can just fix the forehand and chill out a bit I can see him top 10.

  • Michel Ottaviani
    Michel OttavianiПре месец

    Paire: avoir ce talent et le gâcher par ce comportement...

  • luke 137
    luke 137Пре месец

    All our such a fucking negro divas

  • Arq. Ricardo Torres
    Arq. Ricardo TorresПре месец

    That's why Novak Djokovic Will never be as good as Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer. No matter if he wins more GS titles or ir he stays up there for longer

  • Danilo Basic

    Danilo Basic

    Пре месец

    He will never be as good as them. He is better, very simple😊

  • Relja Todic
    Relja TodicПре месец

    ATP CUP what a tpurnament that was!!!.

  • matt
    mattПре месец

    that what they call a fight in tennis? lol <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="171">2:51</a> mangina's sport

  • asti
    astiПре месец

    New generation of “champions”..😂😂😂😂

  • asti
    astiПре месец

    Yes Medvedev is has stupid as he is talented...

  • Ben TheKeeshond
    Ben TheKeeshondПре месец

    I am not surprised that an immature Kyrgios broke his racket after losing but to see Novak did that is really bad. Rafa doesn't do that even if he lost 0-6. Rafa is the true sportsman. Before an athlete can win consistently, he/she must be able to accept defeats.

  • Estiufish
    EstiufishПре месец

    And djokovic with these behaviors.. its bad

  • Estiufish
    EstiufishПре месец

    That midget is unpleasant as hell