THINGS ONLY 1% OF PEOPLE CAN DO || Impossible Body Tricks By 123 GO! CHALLENGE

This challenge will put your body to the test.
Only 1% of people can do these weird, mind-boggling body tricks. Pretty cool, right?
Think you’re special enough for this challenge? Then try this tricks yourself. Let us know what’s your score in a comment below👇
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  • Ayisha Miranda
    Ayisha MirandaПре 9 минута

    I can do that all...l

  • Dinah Bangot
    Dinah BangotПре 41 минут

    Also the nostrils and rock hand one

  • Dinah Bangot
    Dinah BangotПре 43 минута

    Can you do tutorial I know the tongue twister only

  • Arnel Punla
    Arnel PunlaПре 55 минута

    I want chocolate

  • Jaylou Labriaga
    Jaylou LabriagaПре сат


  • Sara Poulos
    Sara PoulosПре 2 сата


  • Kason Brant
    Kason BrantПре 2 сата

    My sister can do those two triple fold and fit her fist in her mouth

  • Mary R Cass
    Mary R CassПре 3 сата

    I can do the crossing fingers

  • Hipfire Skwomby
    Hipfire SkwombyПре 3 сата

    That girl can do all of those?

  • Shane Bowie
    Shane BowieПре 3 сата

    This is cool

  • My life As Isaiah
    My life As IsaiahПре 3 сата

    1:14 that’s a fake tounge

  • Prajakta Sirse
    Prajakta SirseПре 4 сата


  • katz and more
    katz and moreПре 4 сата

    Second one is easy

  • sikander sidhu
    sikander sidhuПре 5 сати

    I have done all

  • Xime Rivera
    Xime RiveraПре 5 сати

    I hate vicky so anoying

  • Crisscp1
    Crisscp1Пре 6 сати

    I can do it

  • Ari Chairs
    Ari ChairsПре 6 сати

    It Was a fun game to play

  • Bre Phillips
    Bre PhillipsПре 7 сати

    I can split my. tongue

  • Carolyn Beckwith
    Carolyn BeckwithПре 7 сати

    It was a easy thing to do

  • Kevin Washington
    Kevin WashingtonПре 7 сати

    Make a video of you at school😼😼😼😼👼👩😑

  • A Cruz
    A CruzПре 7 сати


  • Prajakta Sirse
    Prajakta SirseПре 7 сати


  • Prajakta Sirse
    Prajakta SirseПре 7 сати


  • Prajakta Sirse
    Prajakta SirseПре 7 сати


  • Maraget Rudolph
    Maraget RudolphПре 7 сати

    The 3rd one was easy

  • Prajakta Sirse
    Prajakta SirseПре 7 сати


  • Lucy Brinkash
    Lucy BrinkashПре 7 сати

    It’s so easy



  • chen Tim
    chen TimПре 8 сати


  • Mihaela Slime
    Mihaela SlimeПре 8 сати

    6:52 works really easy at me it is not so hard...

  • Rastko Djindjic
    Rastko DjindjicПре 8 сати


  • Vanesis_hiii
    Vanesis_hiiiПре 9 сати

    I could do the tounge thing 👅

  • Savannah Reddy
    Savannah ReddyПре 9 сати

    I’m 7 and I got 8 Points

  • Xx Muddy THE Fox xX
    Xx Muddy THE Fox xXПре 9 сати

    I can shake my eyes. Can u? 😎😎😎

  • Plushie
    PlushieПре 10 сати

    I can't lick the tip of my nose with my tongue I can cross my fingers I can't do the 3rd one I can shape my tongue in that weird position I can move my nostrils obviously I can't crush a raw egg (actually i didn't even try) I can't lick my elbow I can't do that thing with my thumb I cant fit my fist in my mouth I can do the ring dancing fingers I can't move my ears I can't join my index and pinky finger

  • Vynto Gaming
    Vynto GamingПре 10 сати

    1:15 i can do that

  • Its me mimi
    Its me mimiПре 10 сати


  • luca Smets
    luca SmetsПре 10 сати

    ik van to enting

  • Kristina Gostecnik
    Kristina GostecnikПре 11 сати

    I did all ove it!!!

  • Phil McGroin
    Phil McGroinПре 11 сати

    Wanna baby Łączą