This is how you play VEIGAR | The IMAQTPIE method

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That's right, look no further for a THE comprehensive Veigar tutorial and video guide. This video is chock full of inspirational dialogue and playmaking, fans and reviewers have given Imaqtpie's Veigar a solid 1 out of 5 stars. Make sure to like and subscribe for more videos!
Also! Today's video was edited by our friend Rebug who has worked on our videos previously. Give him a warm welcome back for today's episode and I'll put you on my naughty list - Eugene
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  • Kaito
    KaitoПре 21 дан

    8:48 You know what they say. You must become the champion to play the champion.

  • Vayned
    VaynedПре 27 дана

    Videos you can smell

  • Martuss
    MartussПре месец

    Qt's Veigar impression is priceless

  • Grant Case
    Grant CaseПре месец

    Literally could not agree more. Veigar = best champ, way too much fun, way too hilarious to play

  • O Plebeu
    O PlebeuПре месец

    Does anyone know where that intro song/sound is from ?

  • Ryaplayer of Doom
    Ryaplayer of DoomПре месец

    Im a platin veigar main dunno

  • Euhemer
    EuhemerПре месец

    Imaqtpie has the best thumbnails

  • Harry K
    Harry KПре месец

    this is my new favourite thing, watching qt playing veigar in season 10

  • Kyusaku Yuri
    Kyusaku YuriПре месец

    i dont know if his videos became bad or its his stream overall

  • Killow
    KillowПре месец

    qt playing veigar is my favorite qt

  • James Henry
    James HenryПре месец

    Nah what’s that background music in the first 20 seconds. Ima lose my fking mind

  • Lenny Guy
    Lenny GuyПре месец

    or max w and one shot people at 6 min

  • Ynegvey Zechnas
    Ynegvey ZechnasПре месец

    Qt ain't missing a beat in this F bombs. Makes me think your gordon ramsay's long lost brother sheesh.

  • Eissa Fayyat
    Eissa FayyatПре месец

    swifte thresh is INTeresting

  • Wvt
    WvtПре месец


  • Eissa Fayyat
    Eissa FayyatПре месец

    Yes! I like these kind of intros, keep it up Eugene!

  • Tyler Dauber
    Tyler DauberПре месец

    That irelia play at 8:02 was nasty

  • stevenneostar
    stevenneostarПре месец

    666 ULT at 2:56 wtf...

  • Mr Miao
    Mr MiaoПре месец

    That fiora dash spell shielded through the gate wtf thats insane

  • Fosi-Fondanwi Ajene
    Fosi-Fondanwi AjeneПре месец

    You ain't got shit on Trick's intros bruh

  • zケ
    zケПре месец

    the kirby bgm is so nostalgic,,,

  • Hidden Mask
    Hidden MaskПре месец

    I swear to god if you say *vi-gar* one more time I’m only going to go for 1 stacks on minions.

  • ZozoTheDwarf
    ZozoTheDwarfПре месец

    what ruins was he using for veigar?

  • Raul Chavez
    Raul ChavezПре месец

    Veigar cosplay when?

  • Ninja CJay Gaming
    Ninja CJay GamingПре месец

    A 6s zoning/stun zone is fxcking broken! -_-

  • Ninja CJay Gaming
    Ninja CJay GamingПре месец

    Gragas has to be one of the hardest champs to master, holy moly doughnut shop!

  • Veigar The Black Wizard
    Veigar The Black WizardПре месец

    You know how it is: *If you can't be fast,make others slower*

  • Thomas Hirom
    Thomas HiromПре месец

    The earthbound music vibin with me

  • peter zaninetti taplin
    peter zaninetti taplinПре месец

    i watch this to go to sleep

  • Darren Reyes
    Darren ReyesПре месец

    Is that a trick intro

  • 김chilong
    김chilongПре месец

    AK47? RPG7 be much better.

  • Mark
    MarkПре месец

    Does anyone know what game the background music is from at 0:14 seconds and onward?

  • Mark


    Пре месец

    @Poro Chan the Fluffy thank you!

  • Poro Chan the Fluffy

    Poro Chan the Fluffy

    Пре месец

    Its the forest stage music from Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland

  • Elias
    EliasПре месец

    thumbnail shows Veigar with an AK. video doesn't feature Nashors Tooth attack speed Veigar. i feel deceived

  • zorro
    zorroПре месец

    That intro tik tok gave me the biggest cringe cancer ever

  • Anthony Nguyen
    Anthony NguyenПре месец

    anyone know the song at 9:13?

  • lindholmaren
    lindholmarenПре месец

    9:35 is fiora supposed to be able to riposte while in q so she can dash through the box? Wtf

  • Chano Qlo

    Chano Qlo

    Пре месец


  • Ralph Richter
    Ralph RichterПре месец

    I desperately want a visual Veigar rework and some new voicelines but at the same time, if they fucking dare to change his kit even a tiny bit I' m gonna go and commit some homicides.

  • Patrick Jil
    Patrick JilПре месец

    Is Qt challenger yet?

  • Max Wendlandt
    Max WendlandtПре месец

    Taking intro inspiration from Tricks editor I see!


    That intro was dog shit bro

  • Ni K
    Ni KПре месец

    8:55 lmaooooo

  • WTFisMYname24
    WTFisMYname24Пре месец

    what do people here think about senna? needs a nerf or is ok?

  • Sarthasra
    SarthasraПре месец

    QT BE CAREFUL they gonna nerf veig soon if they see this

  • Pena Penanen
    Pena PenanenПре месец

    yassuo such a loser XD

  • thinkingofagoodusername
    thinkingofagoodusernameПре месец

    I need you to do these meme Intros all the time.

  • Christian Velez
    Christian VelezПре месец

    Remember when qt would say only degenerates play veig?

  • veiigar
    veiigarПре месец


  • Andrew D
    Andrew DПре месец

    Boomer jokes aren't it

  • Strangely Ironic
    Strangely IronicПре месец

    Pretty much my philosophy when playing any game. If you're not making the enemy team have a mental breakdown due to have annoying your champ is then you're doing it wrong. When I have to play against the same stuff I just laugh though, I'm not gonna lose to the same soul crushing strategy lol.

  • Tyler Mack
    Tyler MackПре месец

    Love the Earthbound sounds, man I miss that game!

  • Tia Gen
    Tia GenПре месец

    editor skipping like 3 kills:

  • Matthew Berg
    Matthew BergПре месец

    I actually did not know that Fiora can parry the box.

  • Matthew Berg
    Matthew BergПре месец

    Idk if you play her, but Anivia is the only champion that even comes close to Veigar in my book.

  • Senne Sucaet
    Senne SucaetПре месец

    Gotta love the super mario galaxy music right there

  • Carlisle Beach
    Carlisle BeachПре месец

    8:57 When she asks if I want to come over

  • Johny Lhant

    Johny Lhant

    Пре месец

    10:29 When you arrive.

  • Pure Calcium

    Pure Calcium

    Пре месец

    That was the funniest shit today. Thanks for making my day

  • yaman alsyouf
    yaman alsyoufПре месец

    Poor moe in the second game

  • judged by time
    judged by timeПре месец

    goodbye freedom of speech and harmless clever wordplay

  • Daniel Shih
    Daniel ShihПре месец

    the second game i was just pitying yassuo

  • Mod Wingz
    Mod WingzПре месец

    i dont play league but sometimes when i watch you i watch the chat and i dont get it. sometimes it says the players name then the champion they are next to their name. But then sometimes like this game it says Yassuo (Yassuo) and maybe the guys name is yassuo? if so, what a character that guy is

  • Grayson Chavis

    Grayson Chavis

    Пре месец

    Look up Yassuo on RSlist

  • mexicansuperman
    mexicansupermanПре месец

    Don't be stealin' Tricks intro method, now.