US military warns people preparing to storm Area 51

Officials warn public of dangers at secretive Nevada base and signal that the Air Force stands ready; national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin report from the Pentagon. #SpecialReport #FoxNews
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    *This Video was sponsored by US Government*

  • Пре сат

    Process of elimination by natural selection.

  • Hayai


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  • Mr Gamer4148

    Mr Gamer4148

    Пре сат

    I CAN SAY I AM ONE OF THE 1M people who are going it was a fun run boys

  • PopcornsAndBinkys


    Пре сат

    “We can run faster than them bullets” buddy, no you can’t.

  • Daniel Ramsey

    Daniel Ramsey

    Пре сат

    The military can, and will stop anyone. You just won't remember it.

  • AppoCraft Productions

    AppoCraft Productions

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  • gamer dude

    gamer dude

    Пре сат

    just give us one pic of a alien thats all we need not to tutch it just let us know (simple)

  • CallmeSenpai


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  • Brice Unknown

    Brice Unknown

    Пре сат

    Did they just say “Russian Bots” 😂 1:57

  • wattmelberries


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    Naruto run. Lmao XD.

  • Frazier Gri

    Frazier Gri

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  • Chillin Reptilian

    Chillin Reptilian

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  • Vinny Paciello

    Vinny Paciello

    Пре сат

    Oh it’s real, it’s no joke

  • skinnysteve713


    Пре сат

    "Russian bots"? We just call them trolls.

  • Ja L

    Ja L

    Пре сат

    someone needs to fly me there from Puerto Rico i will be the first one if you give me the honor, i can run naruto style and i can blindfold my eyes

  • BreadWinners Association

    BreadWinners Association

    Пре сат

    Forget area 51 i wanna go to the Burmuda Triangle and see why all that stuff goes missing

  • JLREK 96

    JLREK 96

    Пре сат

    Well boys we did it we made it to th e big screen

  • Neji Hyuga

    Neji Hyuga

    Пре сат

    their obviously hiding something if they're actually scared

  • Пре сат

    People on internet: *exists* No one: Absolutely no one: Fox New: RUSSIAN BOTS

  • james vasquez

    james vasquez

    Пре сат

    And it's like that foo..

  • Izz The Fizz

    Izz The Fizz

    Пре сат

    We succeeded boys get ready to raid area 69 the place that has not been mentioned because Area 51 is a distraction it’s in a secret layer let’s get our furry slaves to sniff it out

  • Sheeplone


    Пре сат

    Ah yes, i'm a russian bot

  • Daniel Pop

    Daniel Pop

    Пре сат

    They cant stop us all. Remember that.

  • Psycho_ Llama

    Psycho_ Llama

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    Пре сат

    Let’s loot up



    Пре сат

    A10.... brrrtttt brrrrrttttt...... Victory royale

  • nightin gale

    nightin gale

    Пре сат

    We got em scared



    Пре сат

    When they don’t include “if we Naruto run” portion *Uncultured Swine*

  • spicy chicken nugget

    spicy chicken nugget

    Пре сат

    Its time for the Thanos retrieval arc

  • Пре сат

    well gamers we neeed our rainbow six sige players we have trained well... LETS START A WAR BOYS

  • noonenoname


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    Please if religious, pray for me that my suffering with depression, anxiety and social problems ends (autism spectrum) Noone wants anything to with me anywhere, anyhow, I've always been a reject I just want to die in my sleep. Thank You. No joke.

  • James Eads

    James Eads

    Пре сат

    Take the N off of Alien and you get a lie

  • Milktraap


    Пре сат

    Meanwhile the trending video above this is a Lil Nas X music video invading area 51

  • InFuriousGamer


    Пре сат

    There’s obviously a portal with demogorgons in it can’t trust the government without people going missing 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • jose a

    jose a

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  • weyo casillas5

    weyo casillas5

    Пре сат

    It's B day 😁

  • Julien Benton

    Julien Benton

    Пре сат

    They Can't Stop All Of Us! Me:Oh Yes They Can!

  • newSomber Man

    newSomber Man

    Пре сат

    "Although we are not sure they are Russian Bots." Apparently every Bot is Russian now. Smh, these idiots know nothing about the internet.

  • Sophie Sniadecki

    Sophie Sniadecki

    Пре сат

    US Military: Don't come in Lil Nas X: Ya I am going to take my horse to Area 51

  • Diana.Flute


    Пре сат

    2:08 bruh that was a TIE Fighter



    Пре сат

    Fox news or fake news

  • Taylor Eliza

    Taylor Eliza

    Пре сат

    “Russian bots” lmao nah it’s just a bunch of 15 year olds my guy

  • Deep Fried Tampon

    Deep Fried Tampon

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  • Mylyfeya101


    Пре сат

    She didn't say the part where the description says "if we Naruto run"...

  • martin


    Пре сат

    people: *do something for the memes* fox news: AHH THE RUSSIAN BOTS STRIKE AGAIN

  • cat bastard

    cat bastard

    Пре сат

    and miss my chance on clapping them alien CHEEKS???

  • Mr Ken No

    Mr Ken No

    Пре сат

    Is this the real life...

  • Adrian Contreras

    Adrian Contreras

    Пре сат

    Nah that ain't gonna stop us doe. We coming for you aliens!!!!!

  • Cozysunday Dabanana

    Cozysunday Dabanana

    Пре сат

    I need to tell my cussins to leave that place!!!